Listing the recipients of funding, as well as characteristics of the successful institution or researcher, from 2013 onward.

Grant outcomes for the 2019 NHMRC Grant Application Round will be provided incrementally throughout the year. The outcome datasets may include a small number of schemes for which applications closed late in the previous year.

Results of NHMRC Grant Application Rounds

  • To date, the 2019 NHMRC Grant Application Round has resulted in the commitment of more than $485.6 million to fund 362 grants for health and medical research. 
Previous Application Rounds 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Total commitments ($ million) $812.0 $780.6 $896.1 $828.8 $877.7 $783.3
Total number of new grants  1,226 1,090 1,132 1,056 1,103 1,045


Information on the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) can be found on The Department of Health website.

Investigator Grants 2019 Outcomes: Factsheet

The Investigator Grants 2019 Outcomes Factsheet provides a quick reference point to key statistics on the outcomes of the 2019 Investigator Grant round.

Under Embargo

There are times when NHMRC will issue information under embargo. This document details the reasons for this, allowable activities during embargo and how stakeholders may be notified the embargo will be lifted.

For NHMRC’s purposes, an embargo is the prohibition of publicising information provided by NHMRC until a certain date or until certain conditions have been met.    

NHMRC provides funding outcomes under embargo on the condition that they will not be publicised (e.g. through media, social media or on individuals’ or Administering Institutions’ websites) until the embargo is lifted.

Under the embargo period, applicants can share outcomes with the research team and partner organisations (where applicable), however, they must not publicise the information until the embargo has been lifted. This includes posting comments regarding outcomes in public domains such as social forums, websites, journals or newspapers.

Allowable activities

During the embargo period successful applicants may accept offers and proceed with planning. This includes seeking necessary approvals (for example, ethics approvals) and recruiting staff. Successful applicants may add grants to CVs for review (for example, as part of a new grant application) provided they add the words ‘under embargo’. Research projects may commence if the embargo continues past the commencement date.

Embargo lifting notification

Administering Institutions should facilitate research activities to proceed as usual. NHMRC will notify Administering Institutions through an RAO Alert when an embargo is lifted. Once this occurs, applicants may share outcomes publically.


The reason for releasing outcomes under embargo is to advise applicants of their outcome in advance of the official announcement, due to possible delays between the approval of NHMRC grants and an official announcement to the media.

NHMRC recognises that such delays can make it difficult to maintain partner commitments and employment contracts associated with research projects. By releasing results under embargo, NHMRC aims to facilitate researchers taking necessary steps to initiate research projects so they commence on time.